Ulpia Serdica Foundation is a non-profit organization founded at the end of the month of February 2007.

The idea for the creation of the foundation came after the exceptional archaeological discovery of the roman theatre and amphitheatre of ancient Serdica /actual city of Sofia/.

The main challenge the foundation’s team is meeting is to assist in the transformation of the Sofia ancient heritage sites into attractive culture sights of the modern city.


The main objective of the foundation is the successful management and integration of the roman amphitheatre and the other ancient monuments in the context of the modern city of Sofia. For the achievement of this objective, the foundation’s team works on the establishment of a network of national and international partner organizations acting in the filed of cultural heritage management and development. Together with their foreign colleagues, the experts of the foundation develop projects and apply for external funding to national and international donors.

The ambition of the foundation is the initiation of a multitude of initiatives aiming at socialization and popularization of the ancient heritage of Sofia and Bulgaria such as public events directed to the questions of the preservation of the cultural heritage, continual communication and publicity activity which will provoke the public sensibility to the problems of preservation and valorisation of the ancient heritage sites.

Ulpia Serdica Foundation has its Public experts’ council composed by established experts and professionals from the Ministry of culture, Municipality of Sofia, Archaeological institute with museum to the Bulgarian academy of sciences, experts in restoration and conservation, archaeologists, journalists etc. They advise the foundation’s team in the formulation of opinions and policies in the field of the ancient heritage preservation and management as well as in the conception of quality projects aiming at the sustainable integration and valorisation of the heritage sites in the context of the modern days.

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