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Bulgarian :: 05.12.2008
Second meeting of the Public experts' council of Ulpia Serdica Foundation

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Bulgarian :: 05.12.2008
Second meeting of the Public experts' council of Ulpia Serdica Foundation

The Second meeting of the Public experts’ council of Ulpia Serdica Foundation took place on December 5th 2008.

The agenda of the meeting had three main accents: the foundation’s internet site project; the projects the foundation’s actually applying with for external funding and the possibilities for participation in the process of cultural policies making at the European level. The coordinator of Ulpia Serdica Foundation presented the foundation’s internet site project. The discussion concerned the graphic vision and the general design as well as the information structuring.

The experts validated the project as a whole and proposed the enrichment of its content with additional information on the history and the development of the ancient city of Serdica.

The members of the Public experts’ council got familiarized with the project for best practices exchange in the field of sustainable integration and management of ancient heritage sites in urban context, which is under development in cooperation between Ulpia Serdica Foundation and the French National Association of cities and regions with art and historic heritage and the cities with protected areas, within the framework of the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme.

The last presentation resumed the Open Society Institute’s initiative for participation of the Bulgarian non-governmental sector in the process of European policy making. It included selected information on the most influential and active European NGO platforms working in the field of culture and cultural heritage whose member Ulpia Serdica Foundation could become.

In accordance with the already established formula for cooperation between the foundation’s team and the Public experts’ council, the experts of the Council confirmed their engagement to send their written propositions for initiatives which could be realized in 2009 as well as their project ideas which will need external funding obtaining.