Professor Rumen Ivanov

Archaeological Institute and museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

Professor Rumen Ivanov is a Roman Empire archaeology specialist. He works in the Ancient archaeology section of the National archaeological museum to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Professor Ivanov studies the roman provinces of Moesia Inferior and Thrace and he’s most particularly interested in the urbanism, the fortification system, the art of the war as well as the ancient cartography. He’s member of the excavation and research missions of the ancient cities of Nicopolis ad Istrum /village of Nikjup, Veliko Tarnovo region/, Ulpia Escus /village of Guigen, Pleven region/ and Novae /near the town of Svishtov/.
Professor Ivanov also has a very intense writing activity. He’s author of 4 monographies and 3 popular science books; co-author of 5 other monographies, editor in chief of Tabula Imperii Romani, sheet K-35 /Map of the Roman Empire covering the actual territory of Bulgaria/ as well as of the series “Roman and early byzantine cities in Bulgaria” and “Archaeology of the Bulgarian country”.
Professor Ivanov is member of the American Academy of Sciences.